Prices of Amoxicillin in Nigeria (June 2023)

One of the most sought after drugs antibiotics across Nigeria is Amoxicillin. The baterial infections that Amoxicillin combats are skin infections, throat infections, urinary tract infections, ear and nose infections, oneumonia, bronchitis etc.. Here we will take a look at the price of Amoxicillin, the precautions and side effects and how to use properly. Prices … Read more

Price of Livolin Forte in Nigeria (June 2023)

Livolin Forte

There are a lot of reported cases of chronic liver diseases in Nigeria today, many people are using nutritional supplements to curb the effect of the disease and reduce damages. The most sought after supplement people use to stop the effect of liver diseases is the Livolin Forte. The drug is hepatoprotective drug used to … Read more

Price of Ulcer kit (Ulsa Kit) in Nigeria (June 2023)

ulcerkit ulsakit price in nigeria

One of the most looked for drugs when it comes to ULCER treatment in the medical ecosystem today is Ulsakit. This drug treats Stomach Infections, Gastor-oesophageal reflux diseases and wide range of stomach and intestinal ulcers. While people have been commending how good the drug is, the major question that comes up is, how much … Read more

How Much Is Starlink in Nigeria? (June 2023)

It is no longer news that STARLINK has been launched in Nigeria. How Much Is Starlink Subscription In Nigeria? As at the time of writing this article, STARLINK costs N268,000, while the monthly subscription is N19,000 plus. HOW TO ORDER FOR YOUR OWN STARLINK 1) Use the link to access Starlink map 2) Input … Read more