Italian Olive Oil – 9 New Ways to Use Your Fine Oil

Italian Olive oil may not always be the first thing that comes to mind when we think of extra virgin olive oil. And there is nothing wrong with that. Some people just like using their kitchen fryers for making popcorn.

But the fine oil is so much more than just this. There are many different uses for good Italian olive oil, and each one will raise more eyebrows than another. So, if you are looking for a very healthful giving oil, and are not sure where to find it, you may want to just keep looking.

We’ll start off with a few ideas that’ll really excite you and get you thinking about this very important and healthy oil.

The usefulness of Italian olive oil in your diet

Olive oil is wonderfully healthy. Not only is it very fat-free and rich in vitamins A and K, but it also has antibacterial and powerful anti-inflammatory capabilities. And there’s more. Olive oil helps control blood sugar levels by lowering blood lipids. (oleic acid also has this effect). The olives that are pressed and produced here in the USA are pressed only once, which means less sodium and chloride. Also given are all the necessary alone, along with vitamins A and potassium.

The usefulness of Italian olive oil in your kitchen

If you are thinking of using it in your cooking, the first thought is, of course, that it is an excellent oil for fried foods. However, it is also an excellent nature fit for salad dressing and has a wonderful peppery taste. If you are a fan of Italian dressings, now is the time to discover a whole new world of flavored oils. These are oils for spreading on bread or for cooking.

There are many new bio-engineered varieties of olives that are now available. If you are thinking of making your own extra virgin olive oil, choose the ones that are high in monounsaturated fats, like those found in the Garden side by side.

Olive oil also has a high smoking point. If you want to add flavor to your food, heat organic (bad) olive oil over low heat. The heat extracts the polyphenols from the olives, which will give your food that distinctive rich flavor. Another property of olives is that they have antibacterial properties. blondes and other fruits that are left to ripen must also be preservative-free.

Paleo Diet

Following the Paleo diet is probably the best and most popular reason for loving olive oil. Following the forbidden foods would make you feel good. Also, you would get much energy and vitality for your epicurean life. Many people go Paleo to lose weight and lose unwanted fats.

Aloo – This is the paleo version of a well-known Indian dish – mutton stew. Paleo people say that fats and meat contain too much ‘beneficial’ cholesterol and eggs. They say bringing back the ‘whole’ Paleo diet will help bring back ‘healthy’ fats and cholesterol.

But isn’t it rather fishy to call something that contains fish and eggs – by whatever name – fishy?

Focus on Palm Methods

Some scientists say that more than 80% of the fats and cholesterol in traditional western diets come from the palm oil that is used to fry or grill in this fat. Other oils besides coconut are palm and other oils that bring out the fat content of the meat or fish. This palm oil or water-based oil is higher in saturated fats and super-unsaturated fats than other cooking oils and can be even the healthier choice.

You may get creative and add other ingredients to your liking, but the basic method stays the same. The ingredients are grilled – as opposed to fried – and the job of the chef is to steer clear of added cholesterol and trans fats. If you are concerned about these types of things, it may be better to skip the fishy and ask for healthier options.

Of course, you don’t have to go quite that far. Many people simply boil their fish and then add lemon and salt – sometimes, no salt is needed. This pre-prepared method of cooking fish is called ‘brining’.

If you are good at ‘bringing’ or have a desire for that authentic flavor in your cooking, there are a few things that you can do to enhance the flavor. Most important is freshwater. Tex-Mex has given us the idea that saltiness is more than welcome in our drinking water (although it is also American water now).

Salt itself is not bad. A little saltwater on a bagel or in a salad dressing or dipping sauce is not going to hurt you.

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